C.K.B.Commerce College library was established in the year    1965 with 300 books and five nos. of wooden almirahs. At present we have about 20,000 books and 22 journals. The library is housed in a big pucca building with CI sheets roof. There is a Reading Room for students and teachers which can accommodate 40 persons. There are seven computers connected with internet facilities in our library. Bar-Coding system is also prevailing in the library.

1.  Size & Area of the library building:

      a)      Size: 4224 Sq.Ft. and b) Area: 5724 Sq.Ft.

2.  Name of the Librarian:  Mrs.  Runjun Borthakur, M.LIb.I.Sc.

                                                  Contact No: +91-9435492037

3. Name of the Library Staff:

                                                 a) Mrs.Runjun Borthakur,Librarian

                                                 b) Mrs. Bonti Saikia, Lib.ASstt.

                                                 c) Mr. Bhuban Ch.Borah,Lib.Bearer

                                                d) Mr. Prakash  Bhujal, Lib.Attendent.(Non-Sanction)

4. Library Committee:

           There is a library Committee of five members under the the chaimenship of principal, Dr. Poresh Ch. Borah. Librarian is the convener of the Committee.  

        Name of the members:                     i) Santanu Thakur,

                                                           ii) Sarat Borah,

                                                           iii) Dimbeswar Borah.

                                                           iv) Kironmoy Chetia

5. Library Rules:         

  There are some rules of the Central Library. Some of them are as follows:-


a)      Every person who enters the library should sign the Gate Register.                    

b)      All personal belongings except purses and notebooks will not be allowed to be carried to the readers beyond to the issue counter.

c)      Pets such as dogs, cats are not allowed to the library.

d)      Readers should keep silence within the library premises.

e)      Students are allowed to take two books and teachers are allowed to take four books at a time for fifteen days and for a month respectively.

f)       No books will be re-issued except when presented physically

g)      The Library will remain open to the reader on all working days except holidays from 10.00a.m to 4-30 p.m.

h)      The readers should behave in a civilized manner.

i)        The readers are liable for punishment and fine if they either misbehave or damage the books or any other property of the library. 

6. Collection:-

  1. A.     Total No. of Books on 31.03.2012:           18,751
  1. B.      Total No. of Books on 31.03.2013:            19,095

     C. Total No. of Books added during the period from 31.03.2012 to 31.03.2013:

                                                  * General Purchase:             305

                                                  * Donated Books    :              39

                                                  * Gov. Grants          :              Nil

                                  * UGC Grants         :               Nil

  D. No. of journals and Magazines Subscribed:            19 (Nineteen)

  E. Name of journals and Magazines subscribed: 


i.Pratijyogita Darpan, 

ii. Competition Success,


iv. SportStar,

v. Day after,

vi. India to-Day,

vii. Out- Look,

viii. Dream,

ix. CarreerGuide,

x.Careers 360,

xi. R.B.I.Bulletin,

xii. Prabandhan:Indian Journal of Management,

xiii.Indian Journal of Marketing,

xiv.Indian Journal of Finance,

 xv.Arthasastra: Indian Journal of Economics & research,

Assamese:                   i. Prantic,



Hindi:   Pratiyogita Darpan.

F. No. of Journals and Magazines Unsubscribed:              8 (Eight)                                                                                                                           G. Name of Journal and Magazines Unsubscribed:  

                                                                  i.India’s NORTHEAST Paradise,

                                                                  ii. Span,

                                                                  iii. Some News Bulletin,

                                                                  iv. Hindi Sahitya Samachar,

                                                                  v. Sahitya Amrit,

                                                                  vi. Am-Admi,

                                                                  Vii. Akshyyar Parv,

                                                                  viii. Balbibidha.                            

H.  No.of News Paper:

                                                *Assamese:         01

                                                   *Hindi        :         01

                                                *English    :          05                                                                           

I. No. of Computer in library               :         07