About CKBCC School of Management

History of the school

Started its journey in 2006 with the principalship of Dr. P.C. Borah and the coordinator of Dr. Sarat Borah with a few number of students in order to introduce a professional course like BBA under DU. Mr. Maniram Lahon and Dr. Satya Deka also coordinate the department successfully.

At present Sarangapani Phukan (MBA, PGDCA) is coordinating the department with the principalship of Dr. Ranjit Sarma (MSc, M.Phil, PhD).

Vision and mission


To established itself as a centre of excellence for ensuring quality in higher education, by shaping the human resource in the right way and thereby contribute towards upliftment society and development of the nation.


  1. To offer innovative career oriented program.
  2. To inculcate independent thinking in learners.
  3. To ensure competence building and employability to serve the society.
  4. To empower stakeholders by exploring their hidden potentials.
  5. To contribute towards growth and preservation of heritage, culture and congenial academic atmosphere by creating awareness in coming generation.

Advisory Committee Members

We have a strong committee for the growth and development at the centre which formulate and implement various policies to build quality human asset.

Committee members are

  1. Ranjit Sarma, M.Sc, M.Phil, PhD (Principal/ Chairman)
  2. U. Dutta, M.Com, M.Phill, PhD (Vice Principal)
  3. S. Baruah , M.Com, PhD.
  4. B.S. Bhattacharyya, M.Com, PhD.
  5. S. Borah, M.Com, PhD
  6. Rupam Sarmah, M.Sc
  7. H. Das, M.Com, M.Phil, PhD
  8. M. Das, M.A
  9. S. Deka, M.Com, PhD
  10. N. Lagachu, M.A, PhD
  11. Sarangapani Phukan, MBA, PGDCA ( Coordinator)

Teaching Staff

We have highly experienced and qualified teachers. Their names are stated below-

  1. U. Dutta, M.Com, M.Phill, PhD (Vice Principal)
  2. P. Borthakur, M.A., PhD
  3. Shobhan Saikia, M.Sc, M.Phil
  4. G. K. Bordoloi, M.A., PhD
  5. S. Baruah , M.Com, PhD.
  6. S. Borah, M.Com, PhD
  7. Rupam Sarmah, M.Sc
  8. H. Das, M.Com, M.Phil, PhD
  9. M. Das, M.A
  10. S. Deka, M.Com, PhD
  11. N. Lagachu, M.A, PhD
  12. R. Roy, M.Com Double, LLB, PhD
  13. R. Dutta, M.A., Bed
  14. K. Chetia, M.A., M.Phil, PhD
  15. N. Konwar, M.Com, PhD
  16. S. Phukan, MBA, PGDCA   CV-Sarangapani_Phukan.docx
  17. Barsha Borah, M.Com, M.Phil, PGDBM
  18. Munmi Bordoloi, M.Com, M.Phil
  19. Guest Lectures as per requirement.

Infrastructure of the school

  1. Smart class room.
  2. Departmental library along with central library of CKBCC.
  3. Computer lab with high speed internet facility.
  4. Separate hygienic washroom for boys and girls.
  5. Free wi-fi zone for students.
  6. Provision for providing laptop for students.
  7. CCTV Camera enhancing campus for security.
  8. Separate restroom for boys and girls.
  9. Hygienic and purified drinking water facility.
  10. A well trained medical unit.
  11. Canteen for students.
  12. A well facilitated hostel for girls.
  13. A huge open playground.
  14. Indoor stadium.
  15. Digital and high tech room for video conferencing.

Future Plan

  1. Planning for introducing MBA course under DU.
  2. Establishing Placement Cell.