Tender for Civil Works

Sealed Tenders affixing court fee stamp of Rs.8.25 (Rupees eight and twenty five paisa) are hereby invited from the registered experienced APWD (Building) Class – I (C) and II contractors in two bids (Technical bid and financial bid) for upgradation of sports facilities to CKB Commerce College, Jorhat under ‘RUSA’ Grant. Tender will be received upto 2-00 P.M on 19-11-2019 and will be opened in the same day at 3-00 P.M in the office of the Principal, CKB Commerce College, Jorhat. The details are available in the college website (http://ckbcc.org). The total estimated cost for upgradation of sports facilities is Rs. 14 Lakh (approx.). The cost of tender paper: Rs.1000 in the form of Demand Draft.