Department of Hindi

CKB. Commerce College situated at the heart of Jorhat town, is a prominent Educational Institute of Assam. The College was established on 1st sept.1965 and since that time the Dept. of Hindi has been the part and parcel of it. The Department has immense importance keeping in view the fact that the college has a good nos. of non Assamese students. They include Rajasthani, Panjabi, Bihari etc. of course the Department has non Hindi speaking students like Assamese, Bengali, Naga etc. Mr R. Saikia was the first permenant Lecturer in this Department. He got his appointment on 25th July 1966 and retired on 31st March, 1997. After his retirement a new person Mr. Phanidhar Borah was inducted as a part time Lecturer. He joined the college on 01.09.1997 and his service was discontinued on 28.02.1998. However he was appointed again 01.09.1998 and continued his service till May 2000. On 29th July 2000 I was appointed by the college as a part time Lecturer. I got my sanctioned post in the same college on 28th March2001 and since that time I have been offering my service in the college. Thus the Department has a long run history and during this time a good nos. of students have their B. Com. Degree. It is also to mention here that the Department has also taken the responsibility of teaching Hindi in H. S. Classes. 

Departmental Activity:  For the intellectual upliftment of the student the Department has been organizing different competitions such as Extempore Speech, Essay writing competition etc.