Department of Economics

The Economics department of CKB Commerce College was established in the year 1965. Under the able leadership of Prof. Hemanta Sengupta and sincere devotion of his followers, the department provided significant contribution to commerce education. The founder Head of the department was Prof.  Hemanta Sengupta. He was assisted by Dr. Sunil Sarmah, Prof. Tarun Ch. Goswami, Prof.Muruli Kotoki, Prof. G. C. Borua, Prof. P.C. Sarmah and Prof Probin Saikia. The Present faculty members of the department are Dr. Purabi Borthakur, Dr. Gautom Kumar Bordoli and Ms Mallika Das. In the Year 1999-2000 Labour Economics as a Major Course was introduced in the college and responsibility of this department was entrusted to the department of Economics. Later the name of the major course was changed in the year 2000—2001 and renamed it as Human Resources.

All the Faculty members are academically sound. They are particular in discharging their duties. They have attended different seminar organized by different college, universities and institutions. They have also attended Orientation Programme, Refresher Courses for their academic advancement. Two faculty members have completed their Ph. D. work. In the era of Globalisation, the faculty members have linked themselves with the Indian Economic Association, North Eastern Economic Association etc. The name of the journal published from this department is “Economia”.